Frequently Asked Questions



  • How much does the program cost?
    1. This is a FREE program.


  • Is there an age limit?
    1. YES.  Students should turn 16 before the end of the residential phase and cannot turn 19 before the start of the class.  We have two cycle per year: one begins mid-January and graduates mid-June, and another begins mid-July and graduates mid-December.
  • When does the next class or cycle begin?
    • We have two cycle per year: one begins mid-January and graduates mid-June, and another begins mid-July and graduates mid-December.


  • How long is the program?
    1. The Program is a total of 17 1/2 Months: there is a 22-week Residential Phase followed by a 12-month Post-Residential Phase where the graduate, mentor and case managers at the Academy remain in contact monthly. 


  • Can cadets have visitors while they are attending the program?
    1. YES.  Visitation days are scheduled in advance for each cycle.  Dates will be provided to families upon acceptance and families will be responsible for making transportation arrangements to/from the Academy for visitation days.  Cadets are not allowed to have visitors outside of these prescheduled dates.


  • Can cadets receive and send mail while at the Academy?
    1. YES.  Mail is delivered to cadets Monday-Friday.  During the Acclimation Phase (the first 2 weeks of the Residential Phase), candidates can only RECEIVE mail, and will begin writing when they successfully complete the first two weeks and transition from candidate to cadet. 
    2. Our mailing address is: 131 Earl Cummings Loop, Roswell NM 88203
    3. We encourage frequent, positive mail from family and friends!


  • What are the education options for cadets attending NMYCA?
  • High School Equivalency & Credit Recovery Program
    • Cadets who are not yet 16 upon entry into the Academy will enroll in online credit recovery courses where they will earn high school credit.  These courses are proctored to ensure cadets remain engaged.  All other cadets will have the opportunity to earn high school credit through our credit recovery program or attain their HiSET credential.  These cadets will work with our Education Coordinator to determine the best path to meet their educational needs. 
  • Vocational Program
    • All NMYCA cadets are enrolled in a Vocational-Technical Certificate Program through our partnership with Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell.  Each graduating cadet will earn college credit for these courses.


  • Can a NMYCA graduate return to High School after completing the Academy?
    1. YES.  After completing NMYCA, cadets who did not attain their HiSET or HS credential may return to high school, although it will be at the high school's discretion whether to accept the NMYCA graduate. 
    2. NO. Cadets who earned either their HiSET or HS credential while at the Academy will not be eligible to return to high school.  These cadets will move on to further their college coursework.



  • Is the HiSET or HS credential guaranteed?
    1. NO.  Cadets must successfully pass the standardized HiSET exam to be awarded their HiSET credential or complete all requirements set forth during credit recovery courses to be awarded their HS credential. 


  • Does the program have medical staff?
    1. YES.  It is the mission of our medical department to keep your cadet healthy and able to fully participate in all Academy activities throughout the Residential Phase.  It is important that families provide accurate health-related information to accomplish this mission. 


  • Do cadets have to join the military if they attend NMYCA?
    1. NO.  Cadets will not be pressured to enlist in any branch of the military. 


  • Can the applicant be on probation and still attend NMYCA?
    1. YES.  Qualified applicants can be on probation, but only for minor juvenile offenses.  Applicants cannot have future court hearings that are pending judgement.


  • Are the cadets allowed to use tobacco?
    1. NO.  The Academy is tobacco, drug & alcohol free.



  • Will the cadets be drug tested?
    1. YES.  Random drug testing will be performed at the Academy’s discretion. 


  • Is there a dress code?
    1. YES. Each cadet will be issued uniform clothing, which they will be required to wear.


  • Can cadets have a cell phone or other electronics?
    1. NO.  Cadets cannot have cell phones or other electronics while attending the Academy.  Cadets are only authorized to have items included on the approved packing list that will be provided upon acceptance into the Academy. 


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