New Mexico National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Academy

A New Mexico National Guard Non-Profit Organization

About our Program

The New Mexico National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Academy (located in Roswell, New Mexico) is a 17 ½ month program that starts with a demanding 22-week quasi-military residential phase in which cadets will live in Roswell.  This is followed by a year of mentoring support to help our graduates maintain positive lifestyles. 


During the Residential Phase, we focus on the development of the whole person through training of the 8 Core Component, which are designed to instill healthy, life-long skills that have been time-proven to lead to success.  In this phase, all cadets will live in recently renovated military barracks, work towards earning a GED, and are eligible to receive college credits in a vocational training program provided by Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell. 


Once a cadet graduates the Residential Phase, the 12-month Post-Residential Phase begins. This phase features monthly contact with the trusted adult who has been chosen as a mentor, who helps the cadet stay on track and remain focused on their life goals. 

Our Mission

Through training, discipline, and mentoring, the New Mexico National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Academy provides the education, leadership, character development and life coping skills to New Mexico's high school dropouts so they may become productive citizens. 

Our Vision

The New Mexico National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Academy will be known as a viable, community-oriented intervention program committed to providing a safe environment for New Mexico's 16-18 year old high school dropouts.  Our goal is to provide education and the life skills necessary to become productive citizens with sustainable futures. 

Our Motto

"If it doesn't challeNGe you, it doesn't chaNGe you"

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